The information provided on this site is for general knowledge only and has been provided in good faith. The information presented on this site is “provided with all faults” and “as is”. It should not be considered as complete, error free, exhaustive, up to date or binding on anyone. You shall not hold us liable on this account for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or any other damages that may result from your use of this information.

Information available on this site, including figures and statistics, may be out of date, incorrect or may have other faults. Your use of this information, partially or wholly shall be at your own risk.

None of the information published on this site is meant to be used for legal, business, medical or any other type of professional advice.

The information provided on this site neither constitutes a medical advice nor is a replacement for the advice of your regular/family doctor.

Amynah Gajani DO NOT CLAIM TO BE ABLE TO CURE SPECIFIC ILLNESSES OR DISEASE. She entertains every single client of hers with her best expertise and with all sincerity. However, she cannot at all guarantee any of her clients for any specific level of improvement in his/her medical problems after the treatment sessions with her as the degree of improvement differ from person to person. She  believes that over the time, Reiki/Samda restores the balance of energies in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, releasing the body’s natural power to heal itself. Reiki/Samda healing may or may not result in the alleviation of specific symptoms, but it does promote a condition of peace, wholeness, wellness, empowerment, and spiritual strength, even in cases of chronic or terminal illness. Your own commitment to the healing process is as important as the Reiki/Samda sessions themselves. Reiki/Samda healing complements traditional medicine. Everyone is able to benefit from it.  She uses Distance Reiki techniques, during healing sessions. Although it is her sincere hope and prayer that you will receive the healing that you desire, no specific outcomes can be predicted or guaranteed. If you have physical or psychological problems, you should seek medical attention. If you are already under the care of a physician, you should continue to follow your treatment plan as prescribed.

This website contains information about Acupressure for releasing stress and for health maintenance, and is not a substitute for medical treatments, advice, or care. If you have a medical condition, ailment, symptom or disease, please obtain medical advice before you use any of the Acupressure point instructions or techniques.

The Acupressure and health information on this website is provided without any representations or warranties, express or implied. Please do not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical advice, treatment or care from a medical doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

For any medical condition, pain, or matter, please consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you suffer from any type of medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention. Do not delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, treatment, and do not discontinue medical treatment because of any information on this Acupressure website.

Acupressure is a complimentary therapy for obtaining good health, not a substitute for medical advise, treatment or medical care. If you have a medical condition, problem or ailment, be sure to see a doctor for advice before you use any of the described methods or techniques in this website.

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Amynah Gajani is a Reiki Grand Master,Samda Healer and Acupressure therapist.She also holds a degree in Eastern Medicines and have a very good research in Herbal Medicines.Additionally, she is also a certified Hypnotherapist from National Guild of Hypnotists, USA. She has a vast experience in all the above forms of alternative therapies and as such her clients/patients holds her in highest esteem.

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