Healing Through Acupressure Therapy

Acupressure therapy is being used in the world for nearly 5000 years. This is the most effective form of treatment for almost all the diseases. Up to the 16th century, the Red-Indians used to cure their diseases by applying pressure on different points of hands. Ultimately, this led to launching an official research in U.S.A. and based on these research findings W.H.O. approved Acupressure as a legitimate form of treatment, which was a big breakthrough.

Healing Through Acupressure Therapy

Healing Through Acupressure Therapy

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure means treating a person by exerting pressure on different points present on our hands and feet, through finger, thumb or any other pointed device. There are bio-energy or bio electricity types of electrical energies present in our body, in the form of a natural battery, which is there in our body since birth, and it keeps emitting electrical currents, which help us in our proper movements. These electrical currents runs through our fingers and thumb of left and right hand and reaches our fingers and thumb of left and right foot respectively, after passing through all our bodily parts.

As long as these flow of electrical currents are properly working, our body keeps healthy and refreshed, but sometimes, due to exertion of work, these flow of currents are not normal towards some parts of our body, which results in malfunctioning of those parts and we feel severe pain in those areas. If the flow of these electrical currents is restored to these affected areas, that sick part is cure and we feel healthy and refreshed again.

Acupressure is a natural science through which we can keep the normal flow of these electrical currents to protect us from different diseases. In other words, the switchboard of these electrical currents is located in our both hands and both feet in the form of different points. Each acupressure point is connected to a specific organ of our body.

Acupressure Curing Techniques:Acupressure Techniques

Curing through Acupressure is quite easy and even for a ten-year-old child. Just follow the prescribed points given in the picture (for the particular medical problem) and exert pressure on it for four to five seconds only and repeats it after two seconds gap. This should be done for two minutes at one given time and can be repeated twice or thrice daily, until betterment in the patient’s condition is felt. Pressure should be put on the given points in a way that the patient feels it on the point.

Diagnosis Through Acupressure:

Today when one has to spend lot of money and time just to diagnose a disease properly, it is a blessing that through Acupressure techniques, we can diagnose the type of disease at a very early stage. This is very simple. Just exert required pressure on the point of the suspected disease, and if there is no pain on that point that means everything is all right and nothing to worry about.Diagnose through Acupressure Points

In case of severe pain on that point, it is a symptom of any malfunction in this part of the body. Similarly, one can diagnose cancer, hepatitis and other such critical diseases at a very early stage. This is a real blessing as normally the above mentioned fatal diseases are only diagnosed after these have progressed nearly 40% or more and have damaged major parts of the body, but through Acupressure Techniques, these can be found out as early as around 5% of its progression.

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